What Skyless Can Do For You

Skyless Game Studios leverages the power of video games to support and empower social, educational, and philanthropic causes. If you or your organization is struggling to make your message heard, we can help by working with you to create a fun and engaging game about your cause. Or if you’re looking for something more in depth, we can help with our games for training too.

  • Awareness

    Awareness Games

    Trying to get the message out about your social, educational, or philanthropic cause? We can work with you to build a game that teaches players about your cause through an immersive gaming experience.

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  • Training

    Training Games

    Looking for a better way to train your people? We can help by creating an engaging educational game that will teach all the skills and information your team needs to know.

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Our Games

  • Follow the Money

    Follow the Money is an anti-corruption training game for law enforcement agents. Users will learn to investigate financial crimes through a virtual case using real-world techniques and skills.

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  • LifeLeap Game Logo

    LifeLeap is an infinite runner game about the need for better healthcare in the developing world. Proceeds from the game will go directly towards buying vaccinations for young people in need.

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  • AssembleIt Logo

    AssembleIt is a game for children with autism and their families, focused on developing cohesive relationships. It is a two-player, turn based puzzle game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

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Clients and Partners

  • Repatriation Group International
  • Transparency Internation
  • Aahana

About Skyless Games


Skyless Game Studios leverages the power of video games to support and empower social, educational, and philanthropic causes. We partner with experts on an important cause, then work with them to make a great game with a purpose. Our flagship product is a training game that teaches skills and techniques to corruption investigators.

In today’s ever-connected world, engaging an audience can be a real challenge for many organizations. This is especially true for philanthropic, educational, and other social causes. Without a way to capture and hold people’s attention, many great causes fade out before being able to make substantial change. This is why we created Skyless Games: to use fun and engaging video games to help give a voice to the people trying to change the world.

The Skyless Team

  • Chris Bennett

    Chris Bennett

    Director of Marketing
  • Arad Malhotra

    Aradhya Malhotra

    Director of Technology
  • Oleks Levtchenko

    Oleks Levtchenko

    Director of Finance

Our Team