Follow the Money

Follow the Money is an anti-corruption, law enforcement training video game. Follow the Money teaches users how to detect, investigate, and prosecute financial crimes in the public sector. Training participants will investigate a virtual corruption case that rapidly evolves to reveal a number of different crimes and schemes.

Follow the Money is focused on problem-solving and active learning. And because it closely simulates real-life investigative practices, Follow the Money prevents “guess and check”, instead emphasizing conceptual understanding and critical thinking.

Genre: Point and Click, Investigation, Training Game
Platform(s): Windows and Mac OS
Release Date: 2016

LifeLeap Logo

LifeLeap is an infinite runner game with a twist. In this platformer, the player isn’t just trying to get the highest score possible, he or she is also struggling to stay healthy. LifeLeap includes a system of continuously declining health that must be replenished by picking up medical supplies in order to continue not only playing but also aging! As the player survives longer and longer, the character will gradually grow up. But this game goes beyond just the digital world: any in-game purchases will go directly towards helping to buy healthcare supplies and procedures for young people in developing areas of the world.

Genre: Infinite Runner, Platformer, Casual
Platform(s): Android and iOS
Release Date: November 13th, 2015


AssembleIt is a turn-based, two-player, puzzle game for families with one or more children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The aim of AssembleIt is to use play, teamwork, and cooperative problem solving to build strong, cohesive connections between the players – something children with ASD typically find difficult during everyday interactions. The two players will be challenged to work together to complete a variety of puzzles that become increasingly difficult as they advance through the game.

Genre: Two-player, Therapeutic Game, Turn-Based Puzzle Game
Platform(s): Android, iOS, Windows Phone
Release Date: TBA

City Hall Logo

City Hall is a city management game that exposes players to the intricacies of managing the cities they live in. Using data pulled from real operating budgets, this game will present players with the very real situation of having to balance a broad variety of public interests with only a limited amount of resources. As in real city management, there are more issues to address than time or money to address them with. Choosing to invest more into education may mean having to reduce the road maintenance budget. Investing in enhanced public safety may mean being able to offer less recreational activities. Let the balancing act begin. Do you have what it takes?

Genre: City Builder, Management Simulation
Platform(s): Android and iOS
Release Date: April 2nd, 2016