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Set in a variety of developing world environments, LifeLeap is an infinite runner game with a twist. In this platformer, the player isn’t just trying to get the highest score possible, he or she is also struggling to stay healthy. LifeLeapOnIPadIPhoneLifeLeap includes a system of continuously declining health that must be replenished by picking up medical supplies in order to continue not only playing but also aging! As the player survives longer and longer, the character will gradually grow up.

This game is an expression of the dire need for proper healthcare in developing nations around the world. But this game goes beyond just the digital world. Not only will players be learning about the importance of this cause, but the proceeds generated by the in-game store will actually go to buying healthcare supplies and procedures for people living without.

Genre: Infinite Runner, Platformer, Casual

Platform(s): Android and iOS

Release Date: November 13, 2015

Healthcare in the Developing World

Despite many advances in modern medicine, there is still an alarming number of people who live without access to effective, preventative healthcare. Many children around the world are growing up with deformities and illnesses, some of which are terminal, that could easily have been prevented by proper vaccinations. The aim of LifeLeap is to simultaneously raise awareness about this problem and to encourage financial contributions toward rectifying the situation. All of this is contained in a fun package that is focused on hope for a solution rather than the tragedy of the current state of healthcare.

About Aahana

On this project we are working with AahanaAahana Logo, a non-profit organization that provides education, health care, and vocational training to transform the lives of India’s women and disabled youth. Their mission is to eradicate the mindset behind the class system by empowering disabled children and women to stand up, become educated, and defy the odds. Aahana (AH-HA-NA) meaning “the first rays of sun” symbolizes that each person is the first ray of the sun we live in, this world.

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