Donations in Corrupt Nations Part 3: Ukraine

In the first installment of Donations in Corrupt Nations, I posed several questions regarding the U.S. aid to Ukraine this year. With conflicts abound in the eastern-european nation, will the money intended to help fight corruption truly be used responsibly? I analyzed two large donations made to other nations in the past 4 years to compare and contrast […]

Donations in Corrupt Nations Part 2: Afghanistan

In my last post, I discussed corruption in the African country of Senegal, and the effect that the administration’s financial mismanagement had on donations in aid to the country. This installment will cover a large sum of money pledged back in 2012 at a conference in Tokyo. Roughly $16 billion USD were promised to a Middle Eastern […]

Donations in Corrupt Nations Part 1: Senegal

Recently, the U.S. Government pledged $10 million USD to Ukraine with the intent of fighting corruption. At face value, donating money to combat corruption seems like a worthy cause. But will there be a lasting impact on corruption due to this contribution? What will the long-term effects of this donation be? If we are aware that foreign […]

Corruption Case in California

Working on Follow the Money, our anti-corruption training game, has really caused cases of corruption to stand out in the news. All across the globe every day, corrupt officials launder money, commit fraud, and accept bribes. One particular case in recent news really stood out to us – as it represented a corrupt official not only […]