SGS Announces Project Empathy

Skyless Game Studios’ flagship game, code named Project Empathy, is presently under development. This first-person, stealth game is focused on the clandestine world of terrorism.

Terrorism and violent extremism are a problem that has plagued nations throughout history. However, the average citizen of an industrial country has no concept of how it comes to be, nor how to deal with it beyond
military and police action. Sadly this lack of understanding is often reflected in the policies enacted by elected official who want to please their constituents. We believe that if the general population of the western world were to understand why people turn to terrorism, there will be a stronger push for better, more proactive solutions. The aim of our game is to show that, on a basic level, the forces behind radicalization may not seem as foreign as many citizens of first world countries may at first believe.

Stay tuned for more information on this exciting video game. And ask yourself: thrust into the darkness, what would you do?