Our Latest Game: LifeLeap

LifeLeap Game LogoI am very excited to be able to announce LifeLeap, our latest project. It is an infinite runner game in which the player not only has to navigate the platforms but also battle constantly declining health by picking up medicine crates. We are developing this in association with Aahana, a non-profit-organization that provides education, health care, and vocational training to transform the lives of India’s women and disabled youth. The goal of this game is to engage players in learning about the importance of proper health care to the developing world, especially to young people. Sadly, an enormous number of children suffer from easily preventable diseases around the world.

This project extends beyond the game itself: proceeds from in-game purchases will go directly to helping to pay for healthcare for children in India and other parts of the developing world. We will also provide players with ways to get connected and involved in an even more substantial manner.
LifeLeap will be available on Android and iOS later in 2015. Read more about the game here.

About Aahana

Aahana LogoAahana’s mission is to eradicate the mindset behind the class system by empowering disabled children and women to stand up, become educated, and defy the odds. Aahana (AH-HA-NA) meaning “the first rays of sun” symbolizes that each person is the first ray of the sun we live in, this world. In 2012, they embarked on this wonderful journey to defy the odds.