Philly Tech Week App Arcade

Skyless Games at the PTW App ArcadeLast Saturday, Skyless Game Studios presented at the Philly Tech Week App Arcade. This event was an opportunity for companies to present their ideas, prototypes, and products for the Philadelphia Technology sector. We had a booth there and Chris and I spent a few hours promoting and demonstrating our in-development games: LifeLeap and AssembleIt. It was a refreshing experience, and was definitely a success for the company.

Many people enjoyed the demos of AssembleIt and LifeLeap. For example, one teacher who works with young students on the autism spectrum expressed her excitement at the possibility of a game helping her students to connect with others more easily. LifeLeap also attracted various people with its simplicity and social mission – although a few people did point out the initial difficulty was a little too high. With our games, we were able to connect with the community of tech week. We even met with several people who were interested in collaborating with us in the future. All in all, App Arcade was a success for Skyless Game Studios, and we hope to come back next year.