Skyless Games at Let’s Play PA

On Friday Oct 2nd, Skyless Game Studios was invited to present at the first ever Lets Play PA. This event was aimed at showcasing Pennsylvania gameChris and Ryan at Let's Play PA studios and game hobbyist alike. During this event we demoed Life leap and Assemble it. We received an overwhelming amount of support from both the attendees as well as the event staff. Which added to our excitement in the upcoming launch of Life Leap.

I was also invited to take part in a panel on transformative games (those that support behavior change). I got to share my insights on the future of educational and philanthropic games. If you want to watch the panel the link is proved down below. After the panel, a number of attendees came up to Ryan and me to chat about transformative games further. Many of them told us that they were inspired by the work of Skyless Game Studios and wanted to know more about our products and company. It was really wonderful to hear from so many people’s kind words about our mission. Our time and Lets Play PA was a huge success and we can’t wait to go back next year.

Video of the panels, including mine