Skyless Games Is Fighting Corruption!

Skyless Game Studios has partnered with members of Repatriation Group International (RGI) to create a training simulation that will be used to educate and train government officials and the general public about corruption and how to stop it. This game, Follow the Money, will be a new twist on the point and click puzzle adventure game. Instead of finding items to advance through various puzzles, the player will hunt for evidence in which he or she will find leads to more evidence. Gameplay is non-linear and entirely focused on the player’s ability to think in order to find new clues and information. There won’t be a lot of hand holding; but if you’re ready to think like and investigator and really dive into a complex corruption case, this is the game for you.

This game, which is planned to be our first release, is expected to be finished during summer 2014. This first release will be focused entirely on the training simulation side of our business; however, we do expect to later release a retooled version for the consumer market.

Follow The Money

This is an excellent project in which we are very lucky to be working with some very experienced individuals in the field of white collar crime investigation. The folks at Repatriation Group International are the sort of guys who train other people how to fight crime, so they really know their stuff. We are also getting to work with a number of professors from our Alma Mater who are acting as our board of advisers for this project. All in all, this project should make 2013 a great year for us.

Check out our games page for more information on this game/simulation. Also make sure to look in at RGI’s website