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Over the past few month, Skyless Game Studios has really be starting to take shape. The most recent evidence of this is our new online home: This website will serve as our portal to provide information on our various projects to the world. While we have been working hard on developing our business and our first game, which you’ll hear more about soon, for over 7 months now, this is most likely the first thing you’ve ever read about us. So, I think I will take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about our mission.

Ever since the first video games made in the late 60’s (or earlier, depending on what you consider the first true video game), gamers have been entertained by a medium that is unparalleled in terms of interactivity. However, only rarely have video game designers taken this immersive medium anywhere other than the realm of entertainment. Even fewer have actually succeeded in making a game that is more than just a game but still manages to be fun. At Skyless Game Studios we aim to break free of the video games as pure entertainment mold. Through detailed, living worlds and compelling stories, we are creating games that hold the attention of players and simultaneously raise awareness about major world issues. As gamers ourselves, we believe we have learned the secret to making a serious game successful: it has to still be fun!

You can read a little more about Skyless Game Studios and our team by visiting our About page.

Check back soon to learn more about our first project. I think the subject is likely to come a quite a surprise.