Transparency International Funds A New Game: City Hall

Transparency International andTransparency International Logo the International Anti-Corruption Conference’s Social Entrepreneurship Initiative have awarded us grant funding! We will be using it to create a game on governance called City Hall.

About The Game

CityCity Hall Logo Hall is a city management game that exposes players to the intricacies of managing the cities they live in. Using data pulled from real operating budgets, this game will present players with the very real situation of having to balance a broad variety of public interests with only a limited amount of resources. As in real city management, there are more issues to address than time or money to address them with. Choosing to invest more into education may mean having to reduce the road maintenance budget. Investing in enhanced public safety may mean being able to offer less recreational activities. Let the balancing act begin. Do you have what it takes?

About The GrantInternational Anti-Corruption Grant

With their innovative ideas and leadership, social entrepreneurs can help tackle some of the key challenges of today and offer sustainable solutions for tomorrow. The Social Entrepreneurs Initiative provides seed grants to allow them to do that.

Check out the game here

And the IACC’s initiative here