Happy Birthday Skyless Games!

It’s crazy to think it’s already been a year since we first thought of Skyless Game Studios. We have come a long way in the past twelve months. We are quickly nearing alpha testing for our first planned release, Follow the Money. And although we had to shift our first idea, Empathy, to the back […]

New Look for SkylessGames.com

This weekend we released a new look for our website with some new content. This new look and format is going to allow us to share more content on each of our projects. We have also worked hard to improve the presentation of information to give our website a nice clean look. Take a moment […]

New Photos of the Skyless Games Interns

I found a few extra photos of the Skyless Games team from the first day with our interns. These were all taken during their orientation with us. A picture of the full team, including partners Our interns doing the jazz hands. The co-op team hard at work sketching some concept art.

End of Our Third Week With Co-ops

Tomorrow will be the end of our third week with our new interns. We have been overwhelmed by how great this group is. They have taken every task we have given them and run with it, producing excellent quality work. Additionally, the whole group has come together to support and help each other. Our co-ops […]

Welcome To Our 8 New Interns

On Monday, April 1st Skyless Games welcomed a group of eight interns through Drexel’s co-op program. This group is made up of two programmers and six artists from Drexel’s Digital Media and Computer Science programs. They will be working with us on our training simulation, Follow the Money, for the next six months. In this […]

Skyless Games Is Fighting Corruption!

Skyless Game Studios has partnered with members of Repatriation Group International (RGI) to create a training simulation that will be used to educate and train government officials and the general public about corruption and how to stop it. This game, Follow the Money, will be a new twist on the point and click puzzle adventure […]

Skyless Games is Looking for Help

In the past few months we have started on an exciting adventure towards producing and shipping our first game as a new studio. We have had made a lot of progress recently (I will be posting about some of that very soon) and that has meant a lot of work for the founding team. Because […]

Skyless’ New Mission Statement

Recently we’ve been working hard on capturing our company mission effectively in written words. It can be quite a challenge in business (and in all of life) to succinctly describe one’s purpose in a way that conveys not only the purpose itself but also the emotions behind it. Here’s what we cam up with: Skyless […]

Happy Holidays from Skyless Game Studios

Just a quick post to say Happy Holiday! This is a wonderful time of year filled with cheer, friends, and family. No matter what you celebrate, if anything, we hope you have a very merry holiday season. -The Skyless Game Studios team

SGS Announces Project Empathy

Skyless Game Studios’ flagship game, code named Project Empathy, is presently under development. This first-person, stealth game is focused on the clandestine world of terrorism. TerrorismĀ and violent extremism are a problem that has plagued nations throughout history. However, the averageĀ citizen of an industrial country has no concept of how it comes to be, nor how […]